Are you a Hive member? Do you have a product to sell or service to offer? We are now accepting vendors to our marketplace! Start your own store right here on Hivelist! This store uses the power of WordPress and WooCommerce to bring the marketplace alive! We accept a variety of crypto currencies as well as we also have fiat payment options like credit card payments through Stripe.

The Hive based payment solution we offer is, which we accept a small list of tokens, due to market volume and liquidity. We accept: HIVE, HBD, SWAP.HIVE, SWAP.HBD, SWAP.BTC, SWAP.BCH, SWAP.LTC, and SWAP.EOS, SWAP.ETH, SWAP.USDT, LEO, POB, SWAP.CUB. More options will be added in the future. Other crypto options are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDC, DAI, and DOGE via Coinbase Commerce.

How do I register as a vendor? Well, first all you have to do is pay the vendor registration fee via HivePay below and then you will be redirected to the Vendor Registration page. You will then use your HIVE username to sign up. This is VERY important that you use your HIVE username to register with the site. This is how we will pay your when you request a withdrawal from the store. You will also have to stake a certain amount of LIST tokens in your Hive Engine wallet (which also earns staking rewards) or delegate a certain amount of Hive Power to the @hivelist account. The different levels are based on the amount of products or services you can have in your store.

If you are not yet a member of the amazing Hive blockchain community, you can join here!

You are in charge of your products or services that you offer. Your store is your store! We do ask that you keep to the same integrity and honesty that we have built this platform on.

If you make products, be sure to set the correct amount of supply and also you will want to think about including shipping into your price. We will have 2 different shipping options available to you to offer but you can create your own shipping options that work best for you and your products. One option is for inside the US and the other is International shipping. If you are a vendor outside the US, you will want to explore the shipping costs of your products and make sure you are charging your customers accordingly.

Also, please be smart and do not offer any illegal products or services. If it is even questionable, please do not list it. We are running a legit operation and do not want the authorities snooping around if we can help from it. We are not picky, but if we think we will get in trouble for a product that you are offering, we will contact you to take that product down, or we will be forced to remove it. If you have any questions about the products you are offering, please feel free to reach out and we can make sure you are good to go… We aren’t trying to be another Silk Road, so no drugs or hitman services.

Pro Service vendors are responsible for communication with the customer as well as job completion.

Hivelist Fulfillment Service

If you don’t want to deal with production, shipping, and all that madness, we will be offering a Hivelist Fulfillment Service! You do not need to be a registered vendor to sell products through our fulfillment service. If you are a registered vendor, we will add the products to your store plus you will get a vendor discount on POD product submissions with the first 3 items per design being free! If you do not have a registered Hivelist store, then your products will be listed as ‘Sold by Hivelist’, but you will be given credit. You will be required to provide your Hive account name so we know who to pay when your items sell.

Print on Demand Fulfillment

With this service, we will offer our Print on Demand products using our production vendors and we will handle the payments and middleman work. So, if you are a designer or artist and want to have your own line of clothing and accessories, all you will need to do is provide the designs and we will do the rest!

This option is great for musicians and other brands, communities, and games that want to sell their merchandise online for crypto instead of fiat!

All crypto payments will be converted to HBD. Fiat payments will be used to purchase USDC and then converted to HBD or will be paid out of our reserves. When a withdrawal request is made you will be paid in the proper amount of HBD. We will calculate the conversion rate from USD to HBD and send with the payment as HBD can tend to be off of the dollar peg at times. Once you mark your order as ‘Complete’, it may take some time for your payment to process and be ready for a withdrawal request. It can take up to 20 minutes for this process to happen in the background. Please allow 24-72 hours for our team to process your withdrawal request. We sometimes will need to pull from the HBD savings for payout which takes 3 days to complete. We will let you know if this is the case ahead of time.

It is suggested to set up a line of credit, such as a credit card to pay for your vendor and merchandise fees if you are drop shipping, unless you produce the product yourself or you use our fulfillment service. We will not police your sales, but if we get complaints from customers, we will have to investigate the issues, and possible pausing/termination of your store can occur. You will also be required to handle your own customer returns, unless using the Hivelist Fulfillment service, then we handle that for you.

Aside from the registration charges and staking/delegation requirements, a 10% sales commission will be taken from each sale on the platform. Compare this with other marketplaces at 15% plus… It’s a good deal. Of this 10%, 5% will be paid out to the affiliates. If an affiliate sends a customer to the store and a product is purchased via that referral code, then that affiliate will receive the 5% commission share. The Hivelist Store will receive the other 5%. If no affiliate code is used for a purchase, then the Hivelist Store will receive the entire 10% commission. This will be used to help pay for server fees, administrative assistance, and other operational costs that are encountered, as well as help grow the service further!

Hivelist fulfillment print on demand pays out 10% of the final sales total. The rest is used to pay product costs, taxes, shipping, and then also pays the store’s commission.

We do offer 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% discounts for our LIST Staking Club members so you will be required to accept those discounts as well. If a coupon code is used, the calculation happens at the time of the transaction. To offset any discounts or other fees, we encourage our vendors to sign up as affiliates and direct traffic to their store using their referral code and earn back the 3% affiliate commission as well!

Do you have NFTs on the different blockchains and marketplaces? You can also become a vendor and start a store just to showcase all of your NFT art and collections all in one place!

When you create a product, you will be making it as an affiliate product which means that when they click on your product in the store, it will show the same product details as any other product on the store, but will not have an Add to Cart button. Instead it will have a button that will lead the user to your NFTs on the selected marketplace!

You will select ‘NFT Gallery’ when you are selecting the product category. We will also be adding different known NFT blockchains and marketplaces to the category list so that we can further categorize your NFTs. For example we will add:

Blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, WAX, Solana, BSC, and HIVE

Markets: Opensea, AtomicHub, Solanart, NFTShowroom, HiveLIST, OpenLIST, etc.

Ready to get started?

First step is to get whitelisted on the Hivelist NFT Marketplace. This requires 1000 LIST staked plus 100 LIST whitelisting fee.

Pay the registration fee below, which is a one-time fee, then you will be returned to the Vendor Registration page. Fill out the info using your Hive Username and email address and we will verify your account within 24 hours! Pay in Hive, HBD, or the Hive Engine equivalent.

Get your own Hivelist Store!

Required whitelisting on the Hivelist NFT marketplace

Sell Unlimited Products

Keep 90% per sale fee for vendor-handled products. Earn 70% of the profits for POD products. See Hivelist Fulfillment…

Registration Fee: $10, payable in HIVE,HBD

Pay With Hive or HBD

Tutorial Articles

A list of instructional articles that can help you in setting up your store.