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Live A Life Of Contentment Video Course Bundle


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Learning to be content and satisfied can be difficult, but it’s possible with some discipline and an altered mindset. 

It’s also important to learn about how lack and abundance can affect your lifestyle and mindset.

Expectations and wants can also affect your content with life and cause you to think negatively about yourself.

Increasing your awareness of where you are lacking satisfaction and contentment can help you become a new person.

It can also improve the relationship you have with your job and the people in your life.

This video course will help you learn how to have a more satisfying life and not be tied to expectations.

Topics covered:

  •  5 Consequences of Unrealistic Expectations
  •  5 Signs You’re Living For Someone Other Than Yourself
  •  5 Tips to Figure Out What Makes You Happy
  •  5 Ways to Increase Contentment by Managing Stress
  •  5 Yoga Poses to Aid Contentment
  •  6 Questions to Ask Yourself to See if Your Expectations Are Realistic
  •  6 Simple Ways to Increase Contentment in Your Life
  •  Why Should You Give to Others
  •  How to Manage the Expectations of Others
  •  Managing Your Work-Life Balance: a Key Determiner to Your Satisfaction in Life
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